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Technical writing is the writing style used for sharing and keeping the knowledge related to a wide range of fields of expertise, such as computer software and hardware, biology and chemistry, engineering, etc. It is also considered technical writing the style and tone used to produce other types of documents, such as owner’s manuals, web articles, employee handbooks, etc.

In general, we consider technical writing any texts whose aim is to teach the reader a certain ability or skill. Technical texts are very different from other kinds of texts due to, in the first place, its educational purpose, and secondly, due to the formality these types of texts request.

Forms of Technical Writing

Technical writing takes three forms regarding the purpose and the public that it targets. Depending on these two factors any online assignment writing can take one of these forms
1. Technological Marketing Communications – this includes writing a sales pitch to a potential client, informative articles about a business, etc.
2. End User Documentation – this includes manuals and how to guides.
3. Traditional Technical Writing – this includes legal analysis, summaries of medical experiments to be published and trade publications.
In order to get started with a general technical text, you can take a look at this video, Technical Writing for Dummies, which will help you get a general idea of who to produce any technical online assignment writing.

Types of Technical Writing Texts

We have already reviewed the three forms a technical assignment can take, but what are the actual types of technical texts? Let’s take a look at some the most important ones.

1. Operation Guides

This kind of texts requires a previous knowledge of the writer on the topic. These types of documents normally target beginners or a non-professional public, so it’s essential to write clearly every single one of the steps to follow. Clear instructions must be provided.

Some examples of operation guides are computer software guides, engineering guides, installations guides, assembly instructions and owner’s manuals.
Check this link for more information

2. Training Manuals

Training manuals are normally assignments for a certain company or product. The information that absolutely must contain a training manual is general information about the company or the product; company policies; operating procedures; duties to be fulfilled by a given position.

This is just an example, as the writer will always have to follow the instruction of the client.
This video will give you a wider view on how to write training manuals

3. Online Articles

Online articles are also a great source of technical texts. Nowadays, the Internet is the first source people turn to whenever they’ve got the need for information of any kind. They can vary on the tone and style, but we will normally consider as technical articles those related to scientific topics.

For example, a technical online article would be an article giving detailed medical advice, or historical information.

4. Promotional Pamphlets and other Marketing Documents

Digital marketing is a whole new industry that has changed the way things were done. Now, any writer who produces advertising documents of any kind is not only expected to inform about the features of a certain product but is also expected to call the attention of the potential client and call them to action with keywords and sentences.