How to Become a Technical Writer. Our advices!

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As the needs of self-learning and e-learning rising in this Digital Era, Technical Writers are needed more than before. But, What is Technical Writer?

What is Technical Writer?

Technical Writer is a person who communicates technical information or knowledge ( for examples in the fields: computer, engineering, medical, other sciences, etc. ) to targeted audiences through any medium ( for examples: electronic, printed, audiovisual, etc. ) that best facilitates the transfer of knowledge to the audiences.)
For example, a Computer Software Company needs to publish and document User Guide Manual book for its customers. It is the job of a Technical Writer to write the User Guide Manual book.

Step by Step Guides on How to Become a Technical Writer

Technical Writer is unique and different to general ordinary writers. Here are step by step guides on how to become a technical writer:

1. Master one or two technical fields.

In order to become a technical writer, you should have a deep knowledge in one or two technical fields, such as computer science, medical, engineering, other sciences, etc. Having a Bachelor Degree in one of those fields will be a plus point for you. Technical writing needs to understand a lot of technical terms, that’s why a deep knowledge in your chosen technical field will be a good background and very helpful for you.

2. Have a good skill in some computer software.

Technical Writers don’t just write in text-based. Technical writing may also need images, graphics, diagrams, videos, etc in the writing. Having a good skill in some computer software will be very helpful for you during writing, for examples for image editing, diagram drawing, etc.

3. Learn about technical writing.

In order to become a technical writer, you may also need to learn about writing, especially technical writing. You can learn about technical writing through both online and offline short courses. In addition, you can read books about technical writing. You can learn many different writing styles too during the class. You can also learn how to simplify complex technical things and communicate it to novice audiences. A degree or certificate in technical writing will be very useful to add your credibility. It can increase your job opportunities.

4. Build your portfolio.

Start writing some technical articles and publish it on your own websites, blogs or social media. It can be a product technical review, user guide manual, how to guides, or technical instructions. You will need to show it to your prospective employers or clients.

5. Networking and Finding Technical Writing Jobs.

In order to increase your job opportunities, you need to do networking. You can do social networking both by offline activities ( such as joining associations or clubs, attending seminars, etc. ) and online activities on your social media.

Today, there are online social media which are very great tools for social networking such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Join some online groups on social media which are related to technical writing. By social networking, you will open new doors that you need to find jobs in technical writing. You can utilize LinkedIn to find jobs too. If you prefer to be a freelance technical writer – is a good site for you.

As a conclusion, it needs patience, love of details, a lot of studies, and hard work to become a technical writer.